Keto Energy + Neuro Wire Bundle

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Easy to Take.

Take a scoop of powder. Mix in 8oz of cold water. Drink and enjoy! It’s just that simple.

No Boiling, No Waste.

We have said “no way” to the concept of delivering a so-called “tea bag”. Heating up these supplements help to reduce their vitamin and mineral value down close to zero.

Don’t believe us? When was the last time you bumped into a heated section at your local supermarket? Keto Detox Tea uses powdered extracts, which are far more nutrient-rich compared to tea leaves.

Fight Plateaus.

Our superior proprietary blend includes metabolism boosting ingredients. By increasing your metabolism, you can increase your rate at which you burn calories. Don’t let slow metabolism be out of your control any longer.

Cleanse Nutritiously.

Detoxification products are filled with a wide variety of nutrients that go a long way towards enhancing long-term health. Detoxification products contain the best ingredients for flushing the bad stuff out and making sure your body is functioning efficiently.

Convert Fat to Energy.

Keto Detox Tea is low carb, and excellent for those looking to start or who are already practicing the keto or paleo diet. Our product is keto and paleo diet friendly by incorporating exogenous BHB salts (or otherwise known as Beta-Hydroxybutyrate), and MCT powder. BHB salts help to raise the level of ketones in your blood. Which means that you have an extra source of energy, fat, to burn for fuel with any activity you may be involved in when you take this formula.

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