What's an Easy Way to Lose 4 Pounds?

What’s an Easy Way to Lose 4 Pounds?

Are you starting to experience your pants getting tighter and tighter? Has a little extra indulging resulted in an expanding waistline? The first step is admitting that you have a problem. The second step is taking the actions necessary to nip this in the bud. Below is a list of ways that, if followed correctly, can result with you losing those four pounds that seem to be sticking to your abdominal region.

Drink Water

Too many people consume thousands of calories every day through soda alone. It is no wonder a record number of people are becoming morbidly obese. Furthermore, soda contains no real nutrients or vitamins. It is just jam-packed with enough sugar to give you cavities for a lifetime. Leave the soda in the supermarket and stick with drinking water. You can quickly lose four pounds by doing this simple thing without having to do anything more.

If water is just too plain for you, and it is for many people, there are other healthy alternatives. Keto Detox Tea contains all the different tea extracts that have shown to be beneficial for those wanting to lose weight. It tastes great and still provides a spark of energy through the caffeine that is added to Keto Detox Tea. In fact, if you would like to start losing some serious weight, changing over to a ketogenic lifestyle could do it.

Reduce Your Carbs

Carbs provide needed energy to the body. Most carbohydrates come from sugars. If you consume too much of these sugars, it is stored as fat. By reducing your carbs and sugar intake, you are ensuring that your body is not accumulating this fat as easily as it once did. The popular keto diet essentially reduces your carb intake to less than 30 grams a day. By doing this, the body will then turn to burning fat as fuel since there are no real amount of carbs in your system. By reading the back of the food labels, you can determine how many carbs each food contains. Choose a diet that keeps your carb intake in check.

Meal Replacement Protein Shakes

Substituting good food for bad food will offer a quick way to lose four pounds. If you have tried meal replacement protein shakes before in the past and didn’t like the taste, give them another try. There are enough protein shakes available on the market that you will eventually find a few that you like. Having a protein shake in place of a meal will allow you to lose four pounds in no time. There are numerous shakes that contain less than 200 calories. A normal meal for most can have 700 to 2,000 calories depending on the portion. You may find that the 200 calorie protein shake will actually make you feel full longer than the high-calorie sugary foods.

Start Exercising

While 75 percent of health and fitness begins in the kitchen, that other 25 percent is pretty darn important as well. Exercise is needed to keep in top condition. You must have a training routine in place if you would like to lose four pounds sooner rather than later. Plus, muscle burns calories even while resting. So if you want to burn more fat, then you should go about acquiring more muscle.

Visit a Sauna

There are those that swear their sauna visits a couple times a week results in them losing excess pounds. Numerous celebrities attribute their slim physiques to using an infrared sauna frequently. Depending upon who you talk to, a half an hour of sitting in the sauna could burn 100 calories or up to 600 calories. In any case, combining sauna use with a weight loss program and fitness routine will be beneficial. Saunas shorten recovery times, soreness, lowers blood pressure, promotes cardiovascular health, and typically provides a calming atmosphere.

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