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What It's Really Like to Go on a Ketogenic Diet

What It's Really Like to Go on a Ketogenic Diet

What Is It Like to Go on a Ketogenic Diet?

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have probably heard of numerous people going on the ketogenic diet. It seems everyone that is looking for a lifestyle change now looks towards the popular diet. There are those that swear by it for losing weight and actually fixing serious health issues. Interestingly enough, the keto diet was first created in the 1920s as a way to treat epilepsy through fasting.

If you have not begun the keto diet yet, it may sound to you to be too good to be true. What is this apparent witchcraft that allows you to eat so much fat and still become lean? It is actually something much more powerful than witchcraft. It’s science. Aren’t you kicking yourself right now for sleeping through high school Science classes?

Keeping It Simple

To break it down plainly, a keto diet means that you are eating low carbs, but high-fat foods. After doing this for as little as three days, a person can enter the metabolic state called ketosis if they adhere to the strict carbohydrate restriction. The body usually uses glucose for fuel and energy, and the glucose comes from carbs. Once you remove carbs from the equation, the body then turns to using fat for energy. This is why there are some that can lose an immense amount of fat fairly quickly. The body starts to burn all of your excess fat as a way to gain the energy it needs.

What to Expect When You Jump On Board the Keto Train

If you are wondering what to expect once you go on the keto diet, here are some things frequently said from people that were in the same boat as you. They state that the first few days can be the toughest because you are limiting your carb intake, so there is a decrease in energy as your body is adapting. But then it changes over to burning away stored fat instead, and this is actually a better source of energy.

With glucose, there are highs and lows for the energy you are receiving. You have probably experienced that before with sugar highs that give you plenty of energy for a while, but then you come crashing down after a bit. People on the keto diet say that once their body starts to utilize fat instead of glucose, there is not the drastic highs and lows of energy anymore.

There are some things to remember though. Be wise about which foods you should be loading up on. There are many high-fat, over-processed foods that contain very little nutritional value at all. And besides, they are usually loaded with the carbs you want to avoid.

Stick with whole foods like meat, vegetables, fish, and eggs that provide you plenty of fat and protein, but a very low amount of carbs. Eliminate the soda you once drank that was packed with calories and carbs. Replace it with a healthy alternative like Keto Detox Tea that contains several amazing weight loss ingredients. Once you have your keto meal plan nailed down and any supplements you may need, the keto lifestyle will be easy to maintain.

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