Can I Lose Weight Fast on a Ketogenic Diet?

Can I Lose Weight Fast on a Ketogenic Diet?

Whenever anyone starts any new diet, they are usually after the same thing. They want to lose as much weight as quickly as possible. However, instead of going on a temporary diet that doesn’t work since you will just regain the weight afterward, you should really consider the ketogenic diet instead. It is a lifestyle change that will continually produce results. There is no need to bounce back and forth with short-lived dietary changes that are only temporary at best. And don’t even think about trying to starve yourself for long periods of time. Your body will go into starvation mode and quit trying to burn calories. It actually works against weight loss.

If you are wondering if you can lose weight fast on a ketogenic diet, the short answer is yes. You can usually lose one to two pounds a week on average. For those that are obese or extremely overweight, you will lose even more weight than that since your change in diet will produce greater results quicker. Basically, you have more weight to lose so you could be looking at losing 5 pounds a week. Being able to say that you lost 20 pounds in a month is quite the accomplishment and will be extremely noticeable.

Enter into Ketosis

Ketosis is the metabolic change where your body stops burning carbs for energy and turns to burning stored fat instead. This is why a keto diet is said to produce such great fat loss results. And this is exactly what you want to do. There is a difference between losing weight and losing fat. Losing weight could include muscle as well, and why work so hard at building muscle if you are just going to lose it in some crazy diet. Stick with a keto diet that has a good amount of protein in it that will not only help you maintain the muscle mass that you have, but build even more.

So the trick is to enter ketosis as quickly as possible to get into this fat burning adventure. On average, a person should bring their carb count to about 25 to 30 grams per day to enter into ketosis. It will take up to a week before you go into ketosis this way, but there are ways to speed it up a bit more so it could be possible in only three days.

Besides limiting your carbs, start drinking white tea or take supplements containing white tea extract. It is rich in antioxidants that will improve cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, may even reduce the risk of some cancers, and enhances weight loss. Keto Detox Tea is the perfect drink to add to your daily routine. It contains several key ingredients that not only help you lose weight, but also fight different diseases.

Also, coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats that increase the healthy HDL cholesterol and converts the bad LDL cholesterol into good cholesterols. So if you like coconuts, you may be in luck. Plus, it promotes a healthy heart and lowers the chance of heart disease. In addition, coconut oil has zero carbs.

Lastly, if you really want to amp up your fat loss with the ketogenic diet, start exercising. Besides doing cardio, include a bit of strength training as well. The great thing about muscle is that it burns fat and calories even while resting. Adding some lean muscle mass will give you even better results with your keto diet fat loss journey.

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