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Best Immune Supplements For Vegans

Best Immune Supplements For Vegans

A common misconception about vegans is that they need to sacrifice vitality for their morals – but a healthy, vigilant vegan is perfectly capable of recouping essential vitamins. But do vegans have weakened immune systems? The answer is a little complicated, but with the right balance of supplements, they can actually be even stronger.

How can vegans boost their immune system? Fundamentally, the key players to maintaining a healthy immune system are zinc, iron, copper, selenium, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E – all of which are best consumed from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

A plant-based diet rich in antioxidants is crucial in keeping your immune system healthy. Antioxidants are molecules that boost the immune system. A general increase in fruit and vegetable consumption serves it well, but vegans should be particularly mindful of a drop in two critical resources: protein and calcium.

It’s not just about compressing the nutritional oomph of a 14 oz rib-eye into a pill the size of your fingernail. But without the natural nutrition of animal products, the health of your immune system depends on savvy alternatives. Ensuring you're checking all the nutritional boxes on a daily basis is a costly challenge to fail – but vegan immunity supplements are the antidote to dietary neglect. So save yourself the guesswork and read on to begin taking control of your health with this list of the best immune supplements for vegans.


Image by Pixabay on Pexels: How can vegans boost their immune system? There are many different ways to incorporate vegan immune support into your diet.



Astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. A handful of studies have revealed some uplifting results of astragalus on the immune system. Notable outcomes include restoration of lost T-cell activity and enhanced immunoglobulin production. Additional benefits also include anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects.

Rich in antioxidants, this flowering plant may also inhibit the production of cancer-spawning free radicals. It’s commonly used alongside other herbs such as licorice, angelica, and ginseng.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex could be considered the holy grail of energizing supplements. It refers to a group of eight vitamins: thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folic acid (B9), and cobalamin (B12).

Each B vitamin plays an important part in keeping the body energized and biological responses regulated. Vitamin B6, in particular, regulates immune responses by producing white blood cells and T cells.

Vitamin B Complex is usually consumed in meat, so vegan immunity supplements are an absolute must here.

Vitamin D

Only recently have the implications of vitamin D on the immune system become clear. Vitamin D is produced by the body in response to sunlight, where it’s stored for approximately two months.

Low vitamin D status has long been tied to the development of several autoimmune diseases, so it’s critical to get plenty of sunshine, or optimize vegan immune support by keeping vitamin D at appropriate levels.


Ginseng is among the most well-known medicinal herbs. It’s increasingly weaving its way into vegan immunity supplements, likely because studies suggest it plays a significant part in improving immunity against cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The supplement has been reported to aid the homeostasis of the immune system, and enhance resistance through effective regulation. What’s also nice is that ginseng, when properly dosed, is reported to have very mild to no side effects.


Zinc is primarily responsible for activating enzymes that disrupt viruses and bacteria by breaking down their proteins, which limits their ability to spread. Zinc also activates more cells responsible for fighting infection. In France, researchers discovered that Zinc has strong capabilities in aiding cells to destroy microbes like E.coli.


Image by Polina Tankilevitch on Unsplash: Vitamin C is solid all-rounder among the best immune supplements for vegans.



The signals generated by calcium play a vital role in keeping the immune system balanced. Calcium flags the presence of foreign matter to its immune system colleagues such as phagocytes, which respond by showing up to eradicate it.

The best type of calcium – calcium bicarbonate – is found in our blood. However, as it must be suspended in water, it’s not available as a supplement. That leaves calcium lactate as its available successor, followed by calcium citrate, the most prevalent yet least effective calcium found in supplements.

Calcium is, of course, widely consumed in cow milk – not a vegan’s preferred choice. Calcium supplements are an integral bypass to keep a vegan’s immune system in fighting shape.


This structural protein is the most important protein found in our body. Its range of critical functions span from providing structure for your skin to strengthening your bones. Natural collagen production in our bodies decreases with age.

Collagen’s holistic power can indirectly help to strengthen our immune system. It also helps with gut health – where 70% of our immune system supposedly lies – and digestive tract, which are important for staying healthy. Harmful bacteria is effectively combated when proteins like collagen work to heal your digestive tract and repair connective tissues.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is usually obtained from our diet in foods like green veg, tomatoes, and strawberries. It’s critical for the growth and repair of tissue all over the body. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights free radicals in the body and may help to prevent or delay certain cancers and heart disease. It can also assist with healthy aging.

With its vital role in keeping the body healthy, vitamin C is a wonderful generalist, and a lack of it can even make you more prone to getting sick. Whilst vegan diets should be naturally flush with vitamin C, its indirect impact on your immune system should not be underestimated.

Today, the market is awash with big promises about the best vegan immunity supplements, but when it comes to supplements, there is no one-size-fits-all. The best way to evaluate your individual needs is to get professional advice, usually from a qualified naturopath or nutritionist. Spotting early signs of a weak immune system is also crucial.

Want absolute confidence? Keep an eye out for GenBoost’s very own range of new immunity supplements – coming soon. For now, you can browse our current range and give your vegan immune support the boost it needs today.


Featured image by ready made on Pexels

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