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6 Benefits Of Using Tattoo Numbing Cream

6 Benefits Of Using Tattoo Numbing Cream

Tattoos hurt. There's no way around that. While some people may feel less pain than others due to differing pain tolerances, everyone who gets a tattoo will feel some discomfort or pain. After all, a tattoo is in and of itself an injury to the skin. Whether that injury is on purpose and gives you a remarkable piece of body art doesn't matter much in the grand scheme. 

While some people can sit still during the pain and power through it, others may not want to deal with it. Those who belong to the latter category may want to consider trying a tattoo numbing cream. It will ensure they can still get the art they want without the pain they'd rather not experience! But what are the benefits of using tattoo numbing cream, and is there anything else you can do before a tattoo to ease the pain? 

What Can I Take Before A Tattoo To Ease The Pain? 

It might be tempting to take a pain reliever before getting a tattoo. Still, you should avoid doing so. Medications that reduce pain sensations in the brain, such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen, can thin the blood. 

While they will work to lessen the pain, you will bleed when you get a tattoo. You don't want to bleed more than you have to. If you bleed more than expected, it can take much longer to get the tattoo; thus, the pain will last much longer. 

To avoid pain, try icing the area beforehand to numb the skin. It won't alleviate all the pain, but it may help. Other than that, tattoo numbing cream is your best bet! 

Image by Fallon Michael on Unsplash: What are the tattoo numbing cream benefits? 

6 Reasons To Use Numbing Cream Before A Tattoo

Not all people believe in using numbing cream before getting a tattoo. Still, there's no denying the plethora of benefits that go hand-in-hand with using it before getting inked. 

1. Pain-Free Tattoos 

The first and foremost benefit of using tattoo numbing cream is the obvious: avoiding the pain of getting tattooed. You can judge your personal pain threshold when deciding whether or not this benefit is enough for you. Do you have a low tolerance for pain, or do needles scare you? A numbing cream may be the right choice for you. 

2. Speeds Up the Process

Getting a tattoo can be a long process. However, it can be even longer if you're in so much pain you can't sit still – or worse, you briefly lose consciousness and the tattoo artist has to stop altogether. The more you can sit still and avoid squirming or the dreaded faint from the pain, the better it will be because it will make the process quick and easy. 

3. Enjoy The Experience 

The tattoo numbing cream numbs your skin, but you will still be there for the rest of the experience. Sitting in the chair, putting the stencil on and getting inked can be a great experience if you're not too worried or in pain to enjoy it. With tattoo numbing cream, you can say goodbye to tattoo anxiety and enjoy the entire experience from start to finish!

4. Freedom To Get Tattooed Anywhere

One of the most significant pieces of advice for people with a low tattoo pain tolerance is to avoid getting it in the places that hurt the most. Areas such as the spine, ribs, hands or face will hurt much more than fleshier areas such as the thigh. While it's good advice, it's not always welcome – what if you don't want to put your tattoo on your thigh or any other area that doesn't hurt as much? 

Chances were, when you chose your tattoo, you also chose its placement not because of how it would feel but because of what it would look like. With tattoo numbing cream, you won't have to sacrifice placement in the name of comfort during the tattoo process. 

Image by Akram Huseyn on Unsplash: How do you make tattoos hurt less? 

5. Same Quality With Less Pain 

Some people in the tattoo community swear that tattoo numbing cream hurts the quality of the artwork, but that's simply not true. When you sit down for the tattoo, the cream is fully absorbed into the skin with any residue wiped off. There is no cream left to hinder the quality of the tattoo, and anyone who tells you otherwise isn't being entirely honest. 

However, there is one caveat to this sentiment. The quality of the tattoo numbing cream needs to be taken into consideration! You have to choose the highest quality cream, such as Genboost's Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream, to maintain the integrity of the tattoo. Low-quality creams are not always formulated for the tattoo process and, thus, get in the way of a quality job. 

6. Allows The Artist To Concentrate 

You want the artist tattooing you to focus on the task at hand. Suppose you're in pain and showing it through heavy breathing, squirming or any other hard-to-ignore signs. In that case, your artist may get distracted while in the middle of the tattoo. 

While this may not be true for all artists – and seasoned veterans tend to block that out – not everyone will be able to ignore cries while they're working. With numbing cream, you'll be feeling nothing while they tattoo, which will allow them to stay focused on giving you a great piece of body art. 

Tattoo numbing cream may not be for everyone. However, it's an excellent option if you're reluctant to get a tattoo simply because you don't think you'll be able to handle the pain. 

Featured image by Tetiana Shadrina on Unsplash

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